What we do?

What is NSNAC- Namibia Special Need Adults Centre?

To preserve the dignity and maintain the quality of life for many adults with special needs, by providing clients with an opportunity to maintain their individual  worth, dignity and their independence.

NSNAC- Namibia Special Need Adults Centre has its major aims empowerment, education, rehabilitation and promotion of the rights of people with special needs.

Our Vision

NSNAC  will become a major special needs adult care provider in Windhoek and throughout Namibia.

Our Core Values

  • Health
  • Education
  • Independence
  • Opportunities
  • Socialising


According to the 2011 Namibian Statistic Agency (NSA) Disability Report release living with disabilities has increased from 42.932 in 1991 to 85.567 in 2001 and 98.413 in 2011. (Newera February 1, 2017)

What are the challenges?

  • There are no facilities for Adults with special needs in Namibia
  • People are getting dumped for being special
  • Violence / abuse  very common against people with special needs
  • Lack of confidence and dignity
  • Very often depression from caregivers and special needs adults
  • Witchcraft  Lack of education and knowledge

Why is it important that we do something?

Because we have to create a future for our people and start changing challenges into solutions!

What does NSNAC do?

  • Providing  opportunities
  • Providing education and awareness to the public
  • NSNAC takes a big pressure from the caregivers as well as give the special need adults the opportunity to get an independent live as far as possible
  • Provides a secure environment
  • Provides job creation and training for Namibians

NSNAC  is the umbrella of a 3 phases development.

Phase one is the Mobile Care Service called MHCS-Mobile Home Care Service, what builds the foundation. MHCS provides non-medical home care to adults with special needs within their familiar family environment by supporting them within their boundaries. Please find more details under MHCS section.

Phase two is a Day Care Centre for Special Need Adults,  what will be developed with the foundation of the Mobile Care Service.  Every Information and Research from MHCS will be provided for the development of the Day Care Facility. Start will be 2018

Phase three is the permanent living solution with a 24 hours continuous care, support, structure and growth within a family home environment. 5 years Plan to develop the phase three.

NSNAC – Namibia Special Need Adults Centre is a non-profit Association Incorporated under Section 21, Registration Number is 21/2017/0506