Mobile Service

What is MHCS?

MHCS-Mobile Home Care Service is a proudly partner  of NSNAC – Namibia Special Need Adult Centre.

MHCS  is a non medical home service that enables families caring for adults with special needs and physical disabilities some relief, while we provide your loved one with some personal freedom and support within their limitations.

Our aim

Is to provide adults with special needs comfort within their familiar family environment by supporting them within their boundaries, for their personal needs, goals and a sense of independence within their limitations

To relieve family members of both mental and physical pressure related to caring for someone you love, whose world has radically changed.

What Services do we offer?

  • Non-Medical Care assessment
  • Care consultation
  • Personal Hygiene Care & Support in daily life: from dental to bathroom support, including exercises or implementation of bathroom routines to prevent accidents (Bobath and Kinesthetic concepts)
  • Training for caregivers
  • Psychosocial support for caregivers and the client
  • Accompanying doctor´s visit, therapy and authorities
  • Assistance in the planning of leisure activities
  • Promotion and support to life-skills and social skills (communicating, reading, singing, playing, creative design, activities in the immediate environment)
  • Assistance in organising and coordinating other services (therapy, home care,…)
  • Palliative Care
  • Self-determination, participation and inclusion – for a life within society
  • Accompany clients:
    • to festivals and cultural events
    • walking, cycling and other sports activities
    • music and works
    • for city holidays and sports weeks
    • for other activities that interest the client

Who can use our service?

  • People with physical, mental and/or multiple disabilities, aged 18 and older who live either with family or alone.
  • People who need support at home in daily life
  • People who are restricted due to illness or disability and need support
  • People who need help in the short or long term after a hospital stay
  • Caring relatives who need relieve in everyday life
  • If you have a caregiver/nanny who needs training to take care of a special need adult.

“Eliminate disadvantages – enable successes.”

What does it cost?

The cost for clients vary from minimum N$ 250 per hour to N$ 350 per hour.  Depending on your needs, home assistance is available between 07:00 am and 20:00pm from Monday to Sunday.

The prices are guideline only, individual packages e.g. training sessions for caregivers can be created. Some medical aid providers cover this form of support and we would be happy to assist with negations with your medical aid provider.

All our sessions are video documented with permission of the guardians and clients. The videos will be stored for 2 month in our archive.