What the horse therapy changed?

One of our most incredible stories is the one from Julian Roos. Julian is 32 years old, suffers from a brain damage since he had his car accident and suffers since then under is constant tremors (uncontrolled body shacking), walking difficulties, speech challenges and loneliness.  Julian needs assistance with walking either with a walker or a person who he can hold on, since his intense tremors and balance challenges do not allow him to walk alone without falling. Julian started with horse riding and he was able to sit by himself on the horse, he kept his balance. The tremors were almost gone while he was on the horse. he could even get of the horse by himself. We were all fascinated what this horse did to him.

Julian became also the feeling to be part of society again and felt his body like he didn’t feel the last years. I personal had tears in my eyes to see this wonderful impact of horse riding.  It is only the beginning and I am sure with this therapy we can achieve wonderful goals.

Please assist us in helping riders like Julian accomplish their goals and give them a better life quality!